Sunday, 16 March 2008

Bass Akwards

I know, you'd have thought I would have put this info in the "intro to us" post rather than the R-rated material that it was. Meh. I'm never known for logic but am very well known for the verbal diarrhoea.

So, my family. I suppose we'll go with numerical order.

This is Thing One. Thing One is nearly eleven, and starts secondary school this year. Do NOT ask me how that happened, last time I looked she was starting playgroup and was cute and adorable. Say hello, Thing One. She has curled her lip and turned her back. She hasn't, however, dripped the word 'Mother!' with audible disgust, so I think it is safe to pet her. She won't bite... much. Puberty is a joy, I tell you.

Thing Two, on the other hand, is jumping around you for absolute joy. This child was born 8 years ago with triple her share of enthusiasm! She's exuberant, and affectionate and full of the joys of spring. She likes to be scratched behind the ears. Really. I'm not continuing the pet analogy, she really does like to be scratched behind the ears. Weird kid.

Three, AKA The Babe. Well, she is sleeping right now, so she's gorgeous. Not at all stressful having a 15 month old in the house after you thought you were done. She's cheeky, and funny, and as cute as a button. Not that I'm biased or anything. She's very little (16lbs at last weigh-in) but, despite a battery of hospital tests, very healthy. She may be small but she's tough, as you may have seen in the previous entry.

Himself is 36. We've been together for seventeen years, married for twelve this year. He works with guns and knives and other nasties, and has been described, to his absolute disgust, as "scary" by a friend. He would like to be described as suave, intelligent, funny - anything but scary. It makes him sound like a thug. I told him he shouldn't be such a grump, be grateful she noticed you at all!

And there is the dog, and the cat, but positively, absolutely no Degus. I don't care how much One begs we are not getting any more pets.

Oh! And me - well, I'm celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of my 21st this year (see, not old at all!) and I've worked with under-fives for over a decade, first as a childminder, then as a playgroup leader and finally a preschool teacher. I get paid to jump in puddles and kick leaves and roll playdough and get mucky with paint and glue, and I can't believe that anyone would pay me for something I love so much!

Well, that's us, and I'm very pleased to meet you. Shall I pop the kettle on?

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The Wise One said...

How dare you talk about my darling nieces, like that? they are perfect little angels, especially when I pay them, and FYI I so never pushed you down the stairs, I slipped!!! (That is my story and im sticking to it so there!)